About Us


Injaz Holding's underlying mission is to develop residential and commercial units that meet the demands of the Lebanese market.

To achieve this we have set up a business model that encompasses the complete scope of real estate development, from real estate consultancy to facility management. Guided by honesty and hard work, we offer high standards, unique trading services and a value chain tailored for the real estate industry. To retain the talent needed to fulfill our mission, we treat and evaluate our team members fairly, empowering them with a sense of ownership.

Injaz Holding's vision is to be recognized as a major player and leader in the real estate development sector.

We strive to remain a prosperous, well-managed corporation for many years to come.

Our History



AA Design is Injaz Holding’s design firm. The services offered cover architecture concepts; construction development documents; 3D rendering and more.

Injaz Development is Injaz Holding’s real estate development arm. The firm’s services include feasibility studies; marketing strategies; market surveys; consulting and advisory.

Progroup is Injaz Holding’s execution arm. The company’s services encompass construction, construction management and procurement.

Hestia is Injaz Holding’s property management arm. Services offered include security management; maintenance; landscaping; housekeeping and more.

By uniting several companies, Injaz Holding offers you a total real estate development solution.

Injaz Holding’s companies come together to offer specialized yet synergetic services. Each firm’s offerings complement the services of the others. With a real estate company, design firm, construction arm and property management organization all under the same holding company, Injaz empowers you with seamless workflow and reliable professionalism.

      AA Design
    • Architectural Concept
    • Execution Drawings
    • Building Permits
      Injaz Development
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Financial Forecasts
    • Market Studies
    • Construction Management
    • Quality Control
    • Procurement
      Injaz Development
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Financial Management
    • Maintenance
    • Property Management
    • Facility Management

Message From The CEO

Establishing yourself in the Lebanese market in any industry, let alone the real estate industry, is always a challenge. And yet, it can be done through dedication and keen business sense. Injaz Holding is a glowing example of that. There were many setbacks and obstacles along the way, but in the end; hard work and perseverance allowed us to establish our position in the real estate market.

Today, we are far ahead from where we were when I started this company. Looking back at our humble beginnings in the 1980s, it amazes me to see where we are now thanks to our hard work to expand and incorporate new services.

Although we are a very different company today from what we were when we started, our foundations remain unchanged. We have put a lot of effort into upgrading our quality management systems, improving our technical infrastructure and adding dynamics to our work flow. Yet our main management approach has remained the same. I truly believe that the fundamental reason for our success is the sense of belonging that our team has, which drives all individuals associated with Injaz to continuously work hard and demonstrate dedication.

These are exciting times for Injaz holding. All our hard work is paying off and the future looks bright. New setbacks and obstacles may come along, but I'm confident that our honesty, effort and solid business plan will ensure we overcome them as we have in the past.

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